Petroleum products, Sugar & Silicon products

Petroleum products for the aviation industry

Edrointernational Ltd. - Petroleum products for the aviation industry
Specialized in fuels

With a combined experience and industry knowledge of over 30 years, Edrointernational Ltd. is an international Trader of Petroleum products for Jet Fuel.

Cane sugar ICUMSA 45

Edrointernational Ltd. - Brazilian cane sugar ICUMSA 45 and fuel alcohol
Brazilian cane sugar

We are Seller Representative of Cane Sugar ICUMSA 45 with full corporate legal responsibility and able to offer your quality sugar through the brazilians mills/ traders.

Premium quality photovoltaic silicon materials

Edrointernational Ltd. - Poly silicon raw materials for solar and semiconductor
Silicon product overview

Edrointernational Ltd. has a large inventory of silicon material for photovoltaic solar cell production.

We are a highly specialized Physical Commodity Trader of Petroleum products, Natural Liquid Gas ( LNG ), Brazilian Cane Sugar Icumsa 45, Silicon Products, New Energie and Global Financial Instruments.

EDRO International Ltd. is a trading company. Trade’s in goods of all kinds, in particular energy, mineral oils, gas, petroleum & petrochemical products as well as mediation and consultations in the service sector.

May acquire, utilize, manage and dispose of all securities and property rights as well as real estate as well as participate in other companies.

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