Liquid Natural Gas, LNG
Jet Fuel, Diesel D2 62 GOST 305-82, MAZUT M100 GOST 10585-75 & 10585-99, Liquefied Natural Gas or LNG, Crude Oil

Edrointernational - Specialized in fuels and a worldwide trader of high quality petroleum products

petroleum products - natural gas production - hydraulic fracturing

EDRO Internationalis specialized in fuels and a worldwide trader of high quality petroleum products

EDRO International Ltd. is an independent commodity trader who provide fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light and petrochemicals used to make everyday items.

We source oil from a variety of counterparties including public production companies, oil majors and international oil companies.

We use our global presence, market knowledge and logistics capabilities to balance supply and demand, optimise supply chains and service the needs of our customers.

Refined petroleum products are derived from crude oils through processes such as catalytic cracking and fractional distillation. These products have physical and chemical characteristics that differ according to the type of crude oil and subsequent refining processes.

Crude gasoline
Unleaded motor gasoline
Aviation and technical kerosene
Jet fuel
Diesel fuel
Marine OIL
Fuel oil
Lubricating oil
Heating oil
Light gas oil
Petroleum electrode coke
Liquefied natural gas
Construction and road bitumen

and other petrochemical products