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Edrointernational - Seller Representative of brazilian sugar ICUMSA 45 - fuel alcohol

EDRO International is seller representative of cane sugar ICUMSA 45 with more than 20 years brazilian sugar-market trade experience.

Edrointernational Ltd. is Seller Representative of Cane Sugar ICUMSA 45 with full corporate legal responsibility and under penalty of perjury. We are able to enter into contracts with Principal Buyers or Mandates directly for the commodity referenced hereunder.

Brazilian Sugar
Brazil is the world’s largest producer of sugarcane, sugar and fuel alcohol and one of the most cost efficient producers of sugar. It is also the leading exporter of sugar. Sugar accounts for about 2 percent of the country’s gross national product, 17 percent of the country’s agricultural product, and employs over one million people.

Edrointernational Ltd. is a leading Supplier of premium quality brazilian sugar. With an international sales team, having more than 20 years experience in the brazilian sugar-market trade and logistics, we are able to get your requested sugar type packed and transported with compatible shipping costs to your indicated final destinations fast and reliably.

We are able to offer your quality sugar through the brazilians mills/traders.

Sugar Type: Cane Sugar ICUMSA 45 
Origin: Brazil

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